COVID-19 Family and Children Survey

Research Questions

Do families have regular access to services to support youth in health, education, safety?

Are there any differences in access across LA County?

What does access to services look like under COVID-19?

Methodology and Sample Description

  • Survey programmed in English and Spanish
  • Individual links sent to 14 New Fund partners
  • Total of 1,224 completed responses

Respondents by Service Planning Area [N=1149]

Work Status [N=1204]

Housing Issues

In the last 3 months, my family had the following issues…

Areas Assessed

Access to Services

Child care?
Digital device?
Healthy food?
Health care?

Schools Re-Opening

What if the school remains closed?
Do you want to send your children back to school?

Public Safety

Are you safe from violence?
Do you trust police and law enforcement?