COVID-19 Family and Children Survey

This assessment, launched in July 2020 by New Fund for Children and Youth, led by Community Health Councils, intended to gauge how to better serve families with children in Los Angeles.

What is your work status?
Are you experiencing housing issues?
Do you have access to supports for family?
Do you have access to schools and summer programs?

I don’t need child care

I have access to child care when I need it.


My family has access to mental health support when we need it.


I rely on after school programs for child care.

What will the New Fund for Children and Youth accomplish?

The New Fund for Children and Youth strives to advance the best practices of successfully executed campaigns across California and the nation, where dedicated youth funding streams have been secured. Modeled after the successes of Margaret Brodkin’s, organization, Funding the Next Generation, coalitions like those in Marin, Solano, Napa, Sacramento, Richmond, San Francisco and Alameda have engineered systems-changing ballot measures towards benefiting youth. While processes towards securing resources has varied; Oakland, San Francisco and Richmond have all won long-sought victories, leveraging opportunities along the way. Their successes are the playbook for the New Fund for Children and Youth’s activities as we build momentum to create a measure to secure a dedicated fund for youth. Our goal is to increase public funding that supports children and youth ages 0-24. Funding may be used to sustain or create services including but not limited to childcare, after school programs, workforce development, health care, housing, mental health, recreation, parent support and community schools.

What is Funding the Next Generation?

The mission of Funding the Next Generation is to increase public funding that provides opportunities for all our children and youth. With the belief that action starts at the local level, Funding the Next Generation helps to create city and county measures that will fund and sustain services such as childcare, preschool, after school and youth development programs, career preparation and summer jobs, health care, recreation, parent support and community schools.

Who is the New Fund for Children and Youth?

The New Fund for Children and Youth is open to all private and public sector organizations interested in expanding youth development in Los Angeles. Currently, our roster has 79 organizations throughout Los Angeles County engaged in discussions hosted throughout the year. New Fund intentionally engages community members and organizations that are representative of the entire county. Our Steering Committee is comprised of a small representation of the overall coalition and is inclusive of several youth members as well. Please join us! You will find a list of meetings and additional information on our website.

Why is the New Fund needed?

We know that rhetoric and policies on paper are meaningless unless resources follow. Sadly, getting enough resources for children and youth is often a battle. The New Fund for Children and Youth’s efforts will help to win those battles – in city and county budgets, and at the ballot box.

Who are children and youth?

The New Fund works to identify additional services that impact children and youth aged 0-24; the coalition’s primary focus is to provide support from “womb to workforce”.

Why Join?

By joining the membership of this coalition, your participation will be instrumental in helping us to achieve our main objectives; mobilize 100 coalition members, with the supporting infrastructure that represents the interests of children/youth from womb to workforce and provide compelling data to evidence the support of a 2022 ballot measure for a dedicated youth fund in Los Angeles County.